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thanks for the freedom
Vermont. The Green Mountain State, as it is hailed. Symbolically, green describes abundance, newness and growth. Vermont is all of these gathered together in one place binary options in india.

On April 25, 2000, Vermont legislators passed and Governor Howard Dean signed into law HB847. The new Civil Union law goes into effect July 1, 2000. While not carrying the term of marriage, the CU law does offer many of the same benefits of marriage.

It's not all inclusive, but it's a grand step from anything we, as GLBT's have ever seen. Vermont has always been progressive in their push for civil rights and sensitive to the need for equality. It's no wonder that this New England wonderland was the first to pass yet another piece of historical legislation.

Now it's time for some action on our part. A "thank you" is in order. Our desires for equality have pushed for this type of recognition for years, so don't let the graciousness go unnoticed. At the very least, drop an email to one of the fine businesses listed on the this site and let Vermont know you appreciate their efforts. Better yet, visit Vermont and say "Thanks," in person.

This site is designed for the traveler to Vermont -- a resource of how to's and where to stay and what to see, and who is there to help when you go to Vermont for a Civil Union, vacation, or when looking for somewhere to relocate the family.

Many GLBT's have been in committed, loving marriages for years and this new law won't necessarily affect their daily lives, but it sure wouldn't hurt to reaffirm your relationship and union in a place that says "We Do," when you say "I do." It may be just the thing to remind other States that voices of desire and appreciation can benefit all.

Visit this site often for new feature articles and contact those in Vermont who are welcoming you to the Green Mountain State with open arms.

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Saturday morning started pretty much like any other Saturday. Sitting around trying to consume enough coffee to barge forth on all the things that the weekend means.

Things like making sure the teenager in the house arrives at his job on time, and mentally making a list of all the activities that our pre-teen has planned with her friends and making sure she'll get to the dance recital rehearsal, all the while noticing that our hallway is beginning to look like Naples with a threatening Mount Vesuvius load of laundry ready to cascade at any given moment. More coffee.

Outside, I see a gorgeous day in the making, but the little voice in my head reminds me that I didn't finish all the work from the office last week, and so in between herding kids, my day needs to be spent rendering something into a finished product.

Is this the gay, lesbian lifestyle I wonder?

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